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In Chicago with Andrew Blendermann

In Grand Cayman with Beneil Miller

Directed by Dale Calandra


Made Better through Motherhood

Want to know what your mom was thinking? Professional singer and amateur mom, Caryn Caffarelli reveals that - spoiler alert - parenting is hard, we become our mothers, and mother doesn’t always know best.


After many meltdowns, mostly her own, and decades of work in the field; soothing babies, picking up toys, enduring eye rolls, and surviving the college drop off, Caryn was made better through motherhood. Tales of epic mom fails and triumphs are woven into clever arrangements of songs from musical theater to Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young” and even the disco sensation “I Will Survive.”  Caryn also sprinkles in parenting resources and tried and true tricks of the trade. With Andrew Blendermann (in Chicago) or Beneil Miller (in Grand Cayman) on piano and back up vocals, and under the smart direction of Chicago theater and film veteran Dale Calandra, MOMufactured gives us a peek inside the mind of a mom, and reminds us why parents sign up for the job in the first place.

Take a look at MOMufactured click below or here

What audiences are saying...

"You gave me insight into my mom."

"I’m not a mom, but I have a dog and I loved it!"

"Every song told a story and was wonderfully chosen

to move the larger story along."

"What a journey you took us on - heart warming. You are a gifted singer and performer."

"I laughed and cried and overall loved your show!"

"Thank you for the parenting resources!"

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